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A fine piano is a work of art and should be treated as such.

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A piano "out of tune" gives the musician a false sense of tone and hinders their development.  

Tuning is the art of adjusting the string tension.  Piano manufacturers recommend tuning new pianos 4 times during the first year and every 6 months thereafter.  The 230 odd strings are stretched at an average tension of from 150 to 200 pounds apiece, so that the iron plate, together with the heavy wooden frame, carries a strain totaling from 18 to 20 tons.  Humidity changes the piano's pitch.  When the indoor humidity goes up, the piano's pitch will go up and down when the humidity goes down.


  • Jeff apprenticed with Steinway technicians from 1970 until October 1972, nearly 3 years

  • MUT and Jeff Studio created in 1972 - Business of piano service: tuning, repairing, and rebuilding, action regulation and voicing.

  • Rebuilds: Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Knabe, Mason-Hamlin, John Broadwood, Estey, and many others.

  • Kawai Sales & Service from 2009 to 2017


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Jeff Irwin Piano Tuning, Piano Services Serving Delmarva,  Lewes, Milford, Milton, Millsboro, Georgetown and all of Sussex County, Delaware

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