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The song playing was written by Horace Silver.
It is titled "Peace" and is arranged & played by Jeff - relax & enjoy.
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     Website of Delaware Based Pianist, Jeff Irwin

Jeff Irwin, music major by education and a piano player out of his love of music - jazz in particular. He has been the house musician at one of Rehoboth Beach's premier destination hotels - The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel playing in the hotel's restaurant Victoria's for over 20 years. 

He is a perennial favorite in the beach area of Delaware with gigs at other area restaurants such as Striper Bites in Lewes and various jazz clubs over the years. Check out where Jeff is playing today

He has recorded CD's and has a recent release Irwin² - A Merlot Mood which is a collection of standards and just the perfect accompaniment to that glass or two of Merlot. Hear some of these recorded collections at the CD's page.